VOC Benchmarking

Voice of Customer (VOC) Benchmarking

VOC Benchmarking is the process to measure and analyse the factors that best describe the requirements of consumers for making the strong base of a product design. SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES has years of experience in designing Voice of Customer Systems. This training is beneficial to industrial designers, design engineers, quality engineers, product designers, chief designers, tool designers, and process engineers. It helps them not miss out on capturing latent design requirements and work on optimising the design rather than over or under design.

This training allows the participants to gather all the requirements of the end consumers, prioritise and decide the next steps of concept design. Additionally, it helps to identify the product’s performance requirements for meeting the collected VOC.

Topics Covered:
  • Understanding VOC
  • VOC Plan
  • VOC Systems
  • Analysing VOC (Kano Model, Affinity Diagram)
  • Prioritizing VOC
  • Translating VOC into CTQs
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand why VOC is critical
  • Ability to create a plan for gathering VOC data
  • Knowledge about reactive and proactive ways to gather VOC information
  • Ability to analyse data using affinity and Kano diagrams
  • Ability to identify customer requirements and set specifications for them

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