Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES has rich experience in offering tailored software solutions and applications. We work in close partnership with your organization to deliver flexible, scalable and ingenious applications.

There is no denying the fact that software plays a dominant role in the daily functioning of an organization. With the growing technology and availability of large amounts of data, most of the organizations struggle to harness the potential of this data. For majority of organizations, it makes perfect sense to opt for a customized solution based on their unique requirements.

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES is engaged in providing Business Intelligence (BI) training, consulting and implementation services. We help organizations by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions in Strategic, Tactical and Operational dashboards.

Some of customised solutions that we have implemented in Organisations are:

  • Fact Based Management System: Meeting the SLA tracking needs with daily manufacturing process progress and quality dashboard.
  • Corporate Budget Management System: Ability to link the actual spends with the budgets to identify which BU's are overspending or doing better business vs. other and help make strategic decisions.
  • Field View System: Field View is a mobility platform to collaborate the management, the field force and the customers.

Fact Based Management System

Need of FBMS:

Generally, what happens in Production / Operations is a black box. The ERP tracks from material issue to production and then entry of SFG or FG as per setup with no information on the actual production process. Similar in transactional processing, where tracking status of Order is an unfulfilled requirement.

FBMS enables to take decisions on procurement or prioritising orders based on customer needs and ability to meet the SLA’s. Daily updated dashboards that are a part of FBMS aid in making informed decisions.

Outcomes of FBMS Implementation Project:
  • Automation
    - Minimize manual intervention and clerical tasks in capturing and converting data
    - Enable information capture at source and reduce data duplication, errors and manipulation.
  • Accuracy
    Reduced manual interventions and increased validations steps will improve accuracy in data capture and reporting.
  • Interactive Dashboards
    Provide role based interactive dashboards which can be customised and scalable as the organization needs grow.
Approach for FBMS
  • Data Capture
    • Identify job level master data capture at the time of actual job creation, duly integrated with ERP system i.e. Each job will be linked to Work Order of ERP system.
    • Identify all the dash-boards with the drill down and search requirements for effective management
    • User will have option to enter data on screen or import it from excel template. Excel template in turn will be controlled entry screen with validations.
  • Data Transformation
    • Job data captured at source will be transformed into actionable information using predefined logic and regular updates.
    • Create a Data Warehouse using Microsoft SQL on data from multiple data sources (Data Integration, Data Staging, Data Transformation Logic building for creation of Data Marts) without disrupting existing ERP
  • Dashboards
    • Intuitive and Interactive dashboards & Fact Based Reports based on the above transformed data source

Corporate Budget Management System

Need of CBMS:

Companies generally do a good job at Budget planning. However, they struggle with collecting and rolling up budget information from branches to division to Business Units. Budget management is very rudimentary and rarely tracked against the plan.

CBMS fulfils the need of regular automated alerts stating where YTD expenses are against plan and ability to re-strategize or prioritise based on current demands.

BMS – Budget Management Platform:

Budget Control Centre

  • Hierarchies
  • Multi level consolidation
  • Users and Roles
  • Approval workflow

Budget Creation Templates & Screens

  • Controlled Excel templates with integrated masters
  • Budget entry screens
  • ERP Integration for masters

Business Intelligence for Budget Tracking

  • Interactive Role Based Dashboards
  • Self Service Reporting
  • Alerts
  • ERP Integration for actuals
Key features of BMS platform:
  • Easy to use and Configurable
  • Compact, Built on Lean principles
  • Multi-Currency
  • Highly cost effective, delivers immediate value and quick ROI
  • Integrated Business Intelligence with custom dashboards and self-service reporting.

Field View System

Offerings of the Field View System:

For Management

  • Visibility of the field force with GPS tracking
  • Optimal resource planning
  • Better TAT for Services / actions
  • Option to directly connect with end customer

For Field Force

  • Scheduling of tasks and meetings
  • Attendance, Time Sheets and Leaves
  • Reminders
  • Route assistant

For Customers / Dealers

  • Creating and Tracking Service Requests
  • Quick turnaround for new requirements as Field View is developed as a platform that can be quickly configured for new Domain/vertical/function.
  • Addition/Modification of the attributes and validations to the screen
  • UI Theme & Branding
  • Catalogues can be used for announcements and marketing
  • Location based notification and meeting alerts


Regardless of the size and the nature of the industry, SSA Techknowlogies provides highly flexible and scalable customized solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s day-to-day working.

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