Research, Design & Development Assessments

Research, Design & Development Assessments

Very often, organizations struggle to identify the key ingredients to drive the change required to undertaken to break free from their existing orbit of operations to the next. SSA Techknowlogies with proven understanding of Business Excellence, Design Excellence and Operational Excellence, can help diagnose and provide you with incisive findings and solutions which will propel your organization to the next level of growth.

SSA provides a comprehensive analysis on these following aspects of an organization’s Research, Design and Development framework:

  • New Product Development processes
  • Tools & Techniques utilized in the processes
  • Organization structure and NPD Project Management System
  • Organization Management Systems, metrics and measurement of success criteria
  • Cross Functioning of teams and people support systems to achieve the goal
  • Overall mindset of the organization, willingness to take risks and how balanced is the organization in NPD vs. regular Operations
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SSA Techknowlogies helps your organization to broaden your product development horizons. We provide unique insights to your organisation structure & processes that hamper your capability required to deliver ongoing product leadership.
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