In the late nineties the growth of various small and large scale industries were hindered by their inability to develop products effectively. Their products did not match with the products of industries from developed countries that were made with superior technology and offered better functionality at a lower price. This, naturally, resulted in a lot of native products becoming obsolete and leading to closure of many well-known businesses. The reason for this slowdown was mainly attributed to the lack of competency and inability to reach superior technology.

Looking at the above scenario, SSA Consulting Group was founded by Mr. N.C.Narayanan in 1999 with a missionary zeal to be a one-stop-shop knowledge resource for improving the competitiveness of any business model. The flagship company of the group, SSA Business Solutions (P) Ltd, consults on management solutions under the umbrella of ISM® - Integrated Strategy Management Systems. After placing itself firmly in the Business Management area, SSA group noticed that the Manufacturing Industries were lagging in their capabilities to design and develop competitive, state-of-art products.

This gave birth to SSA Techknowlogies to focus on the design and development capabilities of industries and bring them on par with the benchmarks. The name, SSA Techknowlogies, reflects the company's twin competencies - Knowledge & Technology, where, Knowledge generates ideas to create better and better Technology.

Today, SSA Techknowlogies is assisting clients across Asia-Pacific and Middle-East in exceling in their respective fields.