Right First Time Design

Right First Time Design using Design For Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a perfect art and science using fact/data-based approach used to design new products or services or to improve existing one to achieve six sigma quality levels. It is used in many industries like finance, marketing, basic engineering, process industries, waste management and electronics. SSA Techknowlogies, have understood these various needs or organizations and come up with the Best DFSS Training & Consulting Services.

DFSS approach

There are many approaches in which DFSS can be implemented, most important of them are: DMADV and IDOV

DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify).

In this approach the goal is to improve an existing product or service offering through redesign. This is generally applied after the DMAIC methodology may not have delivered on planned gains.

  • Define the project goals, understand the customer requirements and enterprise strategy.
  • Measure and identify CTQs (Critical to quality) and CTBs (Critical to business), collect the data and determine process capability and measure risks.
  • Analyze the data and develop different alternatives and evaluate best suited design for given process.
  • Design a detailed process according to the alternative selected.
  • Verify the design with pilot run for performance and ability to meet the project goals.
IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize, Validate).
  • Identify the customer and business requirements (CTQs/CTBs).
  • Design alternatives to be generated and evaluated on the basis of functional requirements of products/processes. Functional requirements are translated from customer requirements.
  • Optimize the selected design with the help of advanced statistical tools or computer simulation.
  • Validate the design with pilot test to make sure the design meets the functional requirements.

What We Do

It is believed that although achieving Six Sigma level of quality i.e. 3.4 defects per million opportunity, is feasible in theory but in practice many product’s quality could not be improved beyond 4.5 sigma (1350 DPMO). This is due to the fact that there are significant numbers of manufacturing process variations or the result of errors in the product and process design which could not be corrected on the shop floor.Achieving six sigma level of quality is feasible only when the product design / development process takes care of eliminating design errors at a very early stage of product development. In essence, the excellence in manufacturing alone cannot help achieve zero defects; excellence in design is also required to achieve this target.

The traditional product development process has limited capability to achieve first-time right new products. In order to challenge the traditional product development process, and to achieve zero defects in design, a science called ‘Design for Six Sigma’ was developed by automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries and has become a perfect science today with a well-structured product development process called IDOV (Identify-Design-Optimize-Verify). SSA implements the DFSS with help of the following tools:

Statistical And Analytical Tools For DFSS:

Define Measure Analyze Design Verify
Voice of customer(VOC) Gage R & R QFD Design of experiments Control Charts
Critical to quality(CTQs) & Critical to Business(CTBs) Process capability analysis Cause & effect diagram Design for x Pilot run test
QFD Pareto Chart PFMEA Taguchi robust design
Project Charters Histogram 7 QC tools Axiomatic design
Kano Analysis Time series plot Brainstorming DFMEA
Affinity diagram Box plot ANOVA VA/VE
Identify Design Optimize Validate
Voice of customer(VOC) TRIZ(Theory of inventive problem solving) Design of experiments Process Capability modeling
Critical to quality(CTQs) & Critical to Business(CTBs) Design and performance failure mode analysis(DFMEA) Parameter Design, Tolerance design Poka-yoke, error proofing
Project Charters Axiomatic Design Taguchi method Confidence analysis
Kano Analysis Design for x Reliability based design Process control plan
Risk Analysis QFD Lean Process Design Requirements, PFMEA Pilot run test

How We Help Clients

  • Implement DFSS methodology for developing new products with shortest lead-time, zero defects and lowest cost
  • Use the IDOV Approach (Identify-Design-Optimize-Verify) approach for designing first time right products

Major Electrical Manufacturer’s was losing business opportunity due to product not meeting market needs and competition bringing non-standard products.

  • Worked with the leadership team to finalize weak areas and required DFSS approach. Project identification and assignment to teams before training.
  • Trained 4 batches of cross functional teams involving R&D designers from Innovation Center, Marketing, Engineering, Production, & Quality teams on the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodology covering the majority of the workforce
  • All teams coached on the application of the DFSS tools and methodology
  • Standardised the templates and development framework with the leadership gate reviews to ensure successful implementation
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Doing it Right first time equates to delivering results in the most optimum time with optimum number of trials to deliver the desired results. With our knowledge on DFSS processes and Lean implementation methodology, along with additional optimization tools, we provide customised solutions to suit your unique product development needs.
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