Client Speak

I had basic awareness of DFMA, but now I think I got adequate information which will help me to exceed/accelerate my work.
Nithin Mahale - DFMA Emerson Design Centre
Good overall exposure to NPI and DFM as well as DFA. Will definitely help to improve the approach towards development of products.
Prasenjit Patil - DFMA Emerson Design Centre
Very good. Every time while designing a part, these DFMA techniques will help me to understand the best possible method to make it.
Pooja Sawant - DFMA Emerson Design Centre
Very good, it gave me a lot of knowledge, henceforth I will apply this technique to each & every product I will work on & every product that comes in front of my eyes. The trainers were very good, Mr.NC Narayanan is an experienced person so he had answers for all the questions asked during the training programme.
Pradeep Mokashi - DFMA Emerson Design Centre
As trainee engineer, this will improve my knowledge and understanding in product development. The overall environment created was very good and I specifically like some inspiring message boards in the hall. Mr.NC gave live examples & explained them in a very lucid manner so that as fresher in PD field I did not face any problem in understanding. While, Mr. Mrunal touched upon the core issues in Product Design & Development & taught us in a very simple way. Overall, the workshop was good.
Bhavin K Dodiya - DFMA Emerson Design Centre
One of the few training sessions where I could keep myself listening to the trainer. Good! A very good & interactive session; I would personally like NC and his team for their efforts. If I get a chance, I will never miss any session from you.
Prashant R Jagdale - DFMEA Emerson Design Centre
Very good, fulfilled my expectations and I know more about how to design, how to calculate design efficiency, know about DFMA.
Jayanta Chakraborty - DFMA TATA Motors
Great experience in learning new tool for evaluation of design. DFMA is a good tool to reconsider design and complexity what design generates while we decide something.
Shailesh Saxena - DFMA TATA Motors