iGrafx® Software

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES is an authorized representative of iGrafx®®. It is engaged in Sales, Implementation, Technical Support Backup, Training and Consulting for iGrafx® Software Solutions in India. iGrafx®® Software helps in business process analysis via Enterprise Architecture, to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, ISO, etc., deploying Business Process Management, support Six Sigma and Lean initiatives and much more.

We can provide two-days or customized training on iGrafx®® products, such as iGrafx®® Platform, iGrafx®® Flowcharter, iGrafx®® Process, iGrafx®® Enterprise Modeler, iGrafx®® Process for Six Sigma, etc. All these help in learning the ways to reduce cost through business transformation. We provide consultation for:

  • Data modeling
  • Process improvement
  • Organizational data structuring
  • Performance measurement analysis
  • Process mapping of a business enterprise, etc.



Support Activities

Pre sales activities

  • Help for installation
  • 30 days Trial keys
  • Online /Onsite Demo on the product
  • Customized solutions based on the setup ,type of organization and the no. of units, resources etc involved

After sales activities

  • Upgrade of the softwares purchased
  • Issues related to installation,upgrade,maintenance etc...
  • Online/offline support for Technical bug fixing


Why iGrafx®?

iGrafx® software provides a comprehensive business process analysis family of products for process excellence. Whether aligning business objectives with IT systems through Enterprise Architecture, deploying Business Process Management, complying with mandatory regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO or Basel II, or undertaking initiatives such as Six Sigma and Lean, iGrafx® has a solution for you.

Learning Outcome Flowcharter

Upon successful completion of the program, the participants will get introduced to the method of mapping a process in flowcharter and modeling it with different resources,time and cost.

Learning Outcome Process & Process for Six Sigma

Upon successful completion of the program, the participants will get introduced to the method of simulating a process and generating reports by conducting RapiDOE.

Recommended Audience

  • Process Owners
  • Managers
  • QAD
  • Process Modelers
  • Organizations interested in aligning, modeling, simulating & Optimizing the processes
  • Team Leaders


  • Public training program - 2 day detailed course
  • In-house training program - Customized as per requirements