DFMAPRO Software Training

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES offers reliable DFMA Training to product designers, chief designers, quality engineers, tool designers, industrial designers, process engineers, and design engineers. DFMA focuses on minimizing the overall components of the products via redesigning products’ parts to make them easy to assemble and handle and also to reduce the cost of manufacturing & ease of assembly during designing stage itself. In the earlier stages, this software helps the engineers to estimate the overall cost and assembly time of a component. SSA’s DFMA approach is based on the Lucas methodology and guidelines.


The DFMA Software Training, offered by SSA, combines the 2 methodologies namely Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA). This one-day training gives exposure to the basics a well as functional value of DFMAPRO™ Software, with which the designers can develop as well as analyze the overall costs of a complete new product designing & manufacturing processes.


Advantages of DFMA:

  • Helps in product engineering
  • Precise cost decision maker
  • Efficient designing tool
  • Part reduction of a product
  • Allows identifying un-necessary parts
  • Helps in identifying fitting, gripping, insertion, and indices for part assembly

Added benefits

  • Accurate cost decision maker
  • Design tool to get efficient product
  • Aid to product engineering
  • Efficient tool for calculating assembly times

Support Activities

Pre sales activities

  • Help for installation
  • 30 days Trial
  • Online /Onsite Demo on the product
  • Customized solutions based on the setup ,type of the organization and the no. of units, resources etc involved


After sales activities

  • Upgrade to newer version
  • Online/offline support
  • Issues related to installation, upgrade, maintenance

DFMAPRO Software Training

Why DFMAPROPRO software training?

DFMAPRO Software training helps the designers/engineers to understand the various aspects of DFMAPRO software. With the DFMAPRO software, a clear and consistent method for applying the principles of DFMA anytime throughout the development process would be established. The designer/engineer would be able to evaluate functional, feeding and fitting indices, which are the derivatives of product cost and assembly time.

What is DFMAPROPRO software training?

  • DFMAPRO software training is a combination of two methodologies: Design for Assembly (DFA) & Design for Manufacture (DFM).
  • DFA software is a tool for reduction of part complexity by reinforcing multifunctional designs resulting in cost savings
  • DFM software is a guide in the selection of materials and processes. It helps to analyze the product early in the development phase, enabling designers to evaluate alternate materials and processes if required.

Recommended Audience

  • Chief Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Design engineers
  • Tool designers
  • Quality engineers
  • Process engineers

Learning Outcomes

  • Designers would be able to build and analyze the complete costs of an entire manufacturing process of a new product design with the DFMAPRO software
  • To prepare part designs which are simpler, easy to assemble and use the best materials at optimum costs, quickly.
  • Use the software as a roadmap for production of a new design.


1 day course