Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment

Organizations must have a system to capture the voice of the customer and build their products and processes with reduced developmental lead time and also meet the customer specifications which would lead to customer Satisfaction. QFD eliminates the play of any subjective or judgemental factors and quantifies all the parameters against measurable outputs.

QFD is a way of transforming the demands of the end-customers, with an objective of achieving lesser developmental lead time and enhancing the quality of product. The 2-days detailed training program makes the candidates aware of the QFD system of their respective organizations and lets them improve service or product via through VOC as valid inputs.

Learning Outcomes

The participants will be able to

  • Create awareness about QFD in his/her organization
  • Train and develop the Engineers / Executives to improve the product / service using the Voice of the customers as valid inputs
  • Provide hands-on experience on the methodology and empowering them to translate higher level “What” to lower level "How"


  • Public training program - 4 day detailed course
  • In-house training program - Customized as per requirements.