Product Designer’s Development Program

Product Designers Development Program


The process of converting fresh engineers to product designers has always been a challenging task for the industries. Moreover, the consequential liabilities of the designs produced by these entry level engineers are enormous as the investments and time to market these new products are all always challenged due to the errors in the design This is because the academic engineering education does not cover many technical details pertaining to the vast scope of product design requirements of modern industries. This results in a long gestation period in the designers’ community to develop these engineers as full fledged designers before they could productively support the design and development ability of the organizations. Looking at the above requirements, SSA Tech identified deficiency of the budding Product Designers and developed a comprehensive Product Designers Development Program (PDDP)

What is PDDP?

PDDP systematically imparts the necessary product design competency covering an extensive range of mechanical component designs.

This is a unique and comprehensive training package with hands-on exercises for coaching the entry level fresh engineers or design engineers having less than 2yrs experience OR people who need to build their competency in machine element design.

Following are the programs

  • Bearing Selection
  • Plastic Selection & Part Design
  • Sheetmetal Selection & Part Design
  • Casting Process/Material Selection & Part Design
  • Elastomer Process/Material Selection & Part Design
  • Fasteners Design
  • Heat Treatment processes & selection
  • Springs Material selection & Design
  • Power Transmission method

Recommended Audience

Entry level design engineers, less than 3 years experience

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this training program, designers will be able to perform the following independently

  • Design the machine elements covered in this course with the minimum inputs from the seniors
  • Select suitable material, surface finish, heat treatment and tolerance as applicable
  • Prepare the design documentation meeting the conventions & standards


Customized as per requirements.