Vendor Quality Assurance

Vendor Quality Management

Our offerings in Vendor Integration Services works towards achieving 0% defect in the bought out goods or components, 0% rework of incoming parts and 0% warranty issues in incoming parts. These solutions enhance the profitability and goodwill of the companies and reduce the cost of production and rework.

The approach that SSA Tech adopts for Vendor Integration Services is

  • Vendor Assessment Study and Report
  • Handhold for improvement
  • Audits to sustain the improvements


Offering from SSA Techknowlogies

  • To demonstrate . SSA Tech’s capabilities, SSA Tech offers to take one component and demostrate the results. You can pay us after the results are seen by you.

Benefits To The Suppliers

  • Improved vendor rating & Image
  • Cost Of Poor Quality Reduced
  • Setting up Quality Plan & Training of people
  • Increased business share
  • Preferred supplier status

Benefits To The Company

  • Customer Complaints Reduction
  • Reduced Cost of Poor Quality
  • Delivery performance
  • Enhancement in Customer Confidence
  • Retention of Brand Image

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