Value Analysis Value Engineering

Value Analysis Value Engineering


A methodical way for improving the value of products and services via examination of all functions that is delivered is called as Value Engineering (VE). This value is actually the ratio of function to cost. It means that either reducing its cost or improving its function or both together can enhance the value of a product or service. This in turn helps in achieving optimum cost competitiveness. SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES is a thought leader in the field of Value Engineering, and has created an improvised methodology VEDMAIC to implement VE successfully across organizations.

Traditionally, we carry out the job of Value Analysis in a systematic manner i.e. in several predefined phases, which include
  • Information Phase
  • Function Analysis Phase
  • Creative Phase
  • Evaluation Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Presentation Phase
  • Implementation Phase and
  • Reporting & Follow-up Phase
Who Should Attend

Anyone who is currently involved directly or indirectly in the VA / VE projects and management will be benefited to this training. People in the following categories will find this workshop particularly useful:


  • General management
  • Engineers
  • Quality
  • Marketing
  • Program managers
  • Senior program managers
  • Project managers
  • Program directors
  • Sponsors
  • Anyone who is involved in VA / VE projects/programs and cost budgeting


Topics Covered:

Through an immersive, simulated case study, you gain practical experience evaluating the development and implementation of a complex Value Analysis – Value Engineering management system. The methodologies, process, tools and techniques will be incorporated into the workshop to ensure candidates will get the maximum learning benefits. Activities include:

Value Analyses Value Engineering