New Product Introduction Lean

Lean in New Production Introduction

Why NPILean ©?

  • Reduction in NPI lead time by less than half
  • First-Time-Right new products that meets and exceeds the customer expectations
  • Reduction in the product development costs
  • Optimization of resources of downstream activities
  • Less hassles in manufacturing the new product
  • Higher reliability of new products

What is NPILean?

The principles of lean are applied for studying the inbound & outbound logistics of any manufacturing model to achieve the Lean objectives. A NPI process is also a value chain, which converts the customer requirements into a tangible new product, NPI value chain starts from the organization structure, goes through customer’s requirements & ends with the customer; virtually covering the entire distribution and after sales network.

NPI lean identifies the wastes and eliminates them to achieve shorter lead time and manufactures First-Time-Right (FTR) products at optimum costs, thus NPI Lean re-engineers the NPI system.

Recommended Audience

  • Chief Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Design engineers
  • Tool designers
  • Quality engineers
  • Process engineers

Learning Outcomes

The participants will be able to

  • Optimize the organizational structure and plant location.
  • Select suitable vendors and their location.
  • Identify the customer requirement and convert them into design elements of the product to optimize it.
  • Identify the waste processes during product development phase and eliminate them by implementing the Lean principles.
  • Optimize the component count at the design stage itself.
  • Optimize the assembly costs and the tolerancing of new products even before the detail designs are taken.


  • Public training program -2 day detailed course
  • In-house training program – Customized as per requirements.