Geometric Design & Tolerancing

Geometric Design & Tolerancing


Geometric Design & Tolerancing

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES has expertise in providing consulting in the field of the valuable Geometric Design Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T). This course is designed for industrial designers, chief designers, product designers, tool designers, design engineers, quality engineers, process engineers, etc. GD&T is one of the international languages utilized for drawings that describe each part precisely. It lets the designers portray whatever they think of a product by means of a drawing, thus creating the best product designs.


Our course for learning Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Techniques has the duration of 2-5 days and is divided amid three workshops including Basic GD&T, Advanced GD&T and finally Statistical Tolerancing. This course helps the participants to:

  • Learn the basics, use and functional requirements of GD&T symbols
  • Learn the methods for checking for part compliance to GD&T symbols
  • Learn how to introduce practical datum structures, more producible tolerances, and pre-planning measurement methods.
  • Learn to how to avoid the most common errors, pitfalls and traps.
  • Learn inspection methods and quality assurance strategies


  • Chief Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Design engineers
  • Tool designers
  • Quality engineers
  • Process engineers



The participant will be able to

  • Know the fundamentals of GD&T symbols.
  • Understand the use of GD&T symbols to convey fit form and functional requirements.
  • Demonstrate understanding on the use of GD&T in engineering drawings.
  • Understand methods used to check for part compliance to GD&T symbols



This course uses the strategy of giving the participants a thorough knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing by detailing critical information on the basics of GD&T, then providing lectures, realistic examples, discussions and applications problems on the more difficult principles of GD&T. It allows the participant the opportunity to learn and apply techniques in datum selection and basic optimization. This approach will preserve functional product requirements, while taking into consideration manufacturing difficulties, introducing more producible tolerances, practical datum structures and pre-planning measurement methods.

All dimensioning techniques discussed are functional, but also producible and inspectable. It shows how bonus tolerances, composite tolerances and proper datum selection can decrease costs while preserving functionality. The lectures, discussions and applications problems presented not only give participants a thorough knowledge of the meaning of each geometric characteristic symbol, but also a perspective on how each symbol relates to the others for strengths and weaknesses, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages.

Throughout this course the participants are constantly reminded of the most common errors, pitfalls and traps that any user can easily fall victim to and also how to avoid such problems. Do’s and Don'ts of proper tolerancing are reinforced in every segment of the course by showing how they apply to realistic assembly tolerancing conditions. It shows the best usage of all geometric characteristic symbols and datum structures.

Inspection methods and quality assurance strategies are stressed to create an understanding of the theory of geometric tolerancing by creating a physical embodiment of that theory through proper inspection techniques, gage and fixture design and usage. A thorough discussion of the basics of GD&T principles is the basis for the first part of the course.

Then the course escalates into more advanced techniques and principles that build on the participants’ gained knowledge in every segment of the course to that point. The goal of this course is not only to give the participants a comprehensive knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing techniques, but through the use of discussion and applications problems, the ability to apply these techniques to their product lines with a great deal of confidence.