Performance Monitoring

Once the product is designed & developed, it is launched in the market. The product is sold through distribution channels, used by the customer and supported by after Sales-Services. In order to sustain in the competitive market, the product manufacturer needs to adopt the Continuous Improvement model within the organization. This generates the need to have a proper setup or process in place to collect the relevant information pertaining to the field performance of the product. To address these issues, SSA Techknowlogies offers solutions through its FOURTH phase of the ITMS® Consulting model - NEW PRODUCT PERFORMANCE MONITORING.

SSA Techknowlogies helps in establishing the relevant Measure of Performance conforming to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the product. This phase will cover the entire lifecycle of the product; right from its inception till its disposal. Various performance metrics will be set in place at different stages of the product development process, even after the product has been launched in the market. The data collected will be used as input for the organization to bring in a state of continuous improvement to develop a robust & reliable product.

The highlights of SSA Thought Leadership model are

Internal Product Performance Monitoring

Establish and monitor the process capability of the new product component introduced in assembly in terms of efficiency of manufacturing them.

External Product Performance Monitorong

This is performance assessment of new products with respect to pre and post warranty failures.