Implement Technology

After developing the designer’s competency by bridging the knowledge gap in various Design Quality tools, the excellence in design finally takes shape. A background of the current manufacturing sector would be as follows. Manufacturers that cannot meet the increasing performance requirements of their customers often lose their position in those chains—to low-cost suppliers. In the manufacturing business, various departments are organized strategically in line with the information flow for any product launch.There is a large interdependency between large OEMs and the smaller companies that make up their supply chains. Large companies seek to reduce the risk, including cost, in their supply chains. The process of adopting cost-effective solutions like hiring low cost suppliers often results in heavy qualitative losses.

To address these issues, the next step would be to execute the learned methodologies and implement them throughout the organization. SSA Techknowlogies offers these solutions through its THIRD phase of the ITMS consulting model - IMPLEMENT TECHNOLOGY.

The highlights of which are as follows

NPILean© (PHASE-2)

This phase is the implementation of the Lean in the New Product Introduction process through facility design, layout design, etc.


SCMLean is a holistic approach of studying the current inbound logistics of the company through extended value stream mapping and identifying waste variation and over processing and systematically eliminating by restructuring the inbound logistics systems.

Engineering Support Services

  • Component sourcing & development
  • Automation Support
  • Tool and Die development system

SSA Techknowlogies provides technical support for sourcing and developing new components, inspection and audits, etc.