Customer Need Identification

In the global scenario, surveys have shown that more than 50% of the products fail to perform their intended functions. These failures are caused due to unidentified customer needs which directly lead to quality being compromised. The quality of the product, therefore, is the ultimate determinant of the price customers are willing to pay for it. Hence, Quality is of utmost importance to a customer and the most integral part of product; but without sacrificing the cost factor.

Product-out Approach

The product is designed, developed, manufactured and launched without needs of the customer being taken into account. In the end, the customer remains unsatisfied. This happens because the Product is being virtually pushed into the market.

Market-In Approach

Here the customer needs are identified before the product is designed, developed, manufactured and launched. In the end, the customer is highly satisfied and is willing to pay a premium for the superior product. This happens because the Product was need-driven and hence the pull is created in the market.

It is hence crucial to incorporate the customer needs as a part of the product development strategy for any organization. This will be a significant enabler in improving and excelling a product’s competitive position, lifecycle, the company’s brand and the resulting customer loyalty.

Highlights of our Thought leadership model are as follows

Customer Need Identification for New Products - QUEST®

It is a proprietary model of SSA Techknowlogies with a structured approach to segmentize the customers and identify their stated and latent needs and drill them down to product high level specifications.

VOC - Benchmarking

The traditional benchmarking compares with the competitors’ product, whereas VOC-benchmarking aims to benchmark against customer expectations. VOC benchmarking leads to creative new product rather than competitive benchmark as it directly factors the customer requirements into the new products.

Quality Function Deployment

SSA supports all 5 levels of Quality Function Deployment for any new product/service development.