Excellence in Design- ITMS Model

Excellence in Design

Traditional Product Development Process

Historically, New Product Introduction is entrusted to the design-engineering department in a functional organizational structure. Often, the product development commences based on limited or nil input from the customer; and the designers develop the product based on what they think is the requirement of the customer. The Product designer develops the concept to incorporate the functionality that is assumed to be the requirement of the customer and works on the detail design. Many times, the prototypes are built and tested for meeting the specifications. Very limited reliability evaluation is carried out, apart from the limited validation trials in the field that evaluate the adequacy of the product in meeting the customers’ expectations. Then the design department documents the design and releases it to production engineering department or manufacturing engineering department to develop the manufacturing facility. Invariably, the manufacturing engineer/designer sends back the product design highlighting several manufacturing difficulties. Eventually, these two silos resolve the differences after several iterations. And then the drawings move to the purchasing functions for sourcing of raw material and components & then the story repeats between the design and purchase department.

As the new product design progressively moves from one stage to another, namely - Tool Design, Tool manufacturing, Quality Assurance & Plant Design, it undergoes several modifications to suit the various downstream functional requirements. Eventually when the pilot trial of the manufacture commences, new surprises which were not diagnosed earlier in all the previous iterations between functions, spring up and the designer gets busy in modifying the Product Design all over again.

When the new product finally crosses all these hurdles and goes to the market, there are further more surprises from the customer when they actually use the product and that is the “Moment-of-Truth” for the entire NPI process. The traditional NPI process shows the product fails to meet even the basic requirements of the customer or has several defects which annoy the customers and reduces their confidence in the company. Invariably, one irate customer will tell hundred others, thus reducing the probability of the new product growing rapidly and generating revenue for the company which was the primary motive of introducing new product.

Integrated Technology Management System

SSA Techknowlogies, under the thought leadership of its experts, has pioneered a robust Consulting Model under the brand name ITMS® - Integrated Technology Management System.

ITMS® covers the end to end solutions of a Product right from its inception till its disposal. A typical Product follows a roadmap designed for its development. ITMS®follows a 4-prong approach for the Product Design & Development.