Engineering Documentation Consultancy

Engineering Documentation Consultancy


In the modern era, poorly written Design Documentation will prove costlier as it affects the valuable ‘Time To Market’. In the New product Development Process till the time to market, Design Documentation plays a very important role. Unclear instructions cause errors where the Organisation would lose time and money as the downstream actions of “cutting the metal” will cost more if it has to be redone or modified.

In the modern age attrition of designers is unavoidable and hence the Knowledge Management in design is of greatest importance to capture the knowledge. Most of the design know how is in tacit and intrisic form with the design engineers and when they leave they are lost. This is a great loss for the company to develop the know how all over again. Converting the tacit knowledge from deigners to company peoperty needs a Knowledge Management System (KMS) which documents all know how in the form of “Design Manual”. SSA Tech has specialised on capturing knowledge and documenting them.

Offering from SSA Techknowlogies

Realizing the need, SSA Group of companies lauched SSA Techknowlogies (P) Ltd a new diversification program to offer “Engineering Product Design Documentation” of the following nature:

  1. Engineering Drawings

  2. Structured Bill Of Material to support ERP system

  3. Test specifications

  4. Design Manuals

  5. Rationalization of fasteners to minimize variety

  6. Manufacturing Engineering Documentation

    1. Process planning sheets

    2. Routing List

    3. Plant Layouts to suit Lean manufacturing system

    4. Facility / material handling design drawings

    5. Control Plan conforming to TS 16949 standard

  7. Post Design Documentation:

    1. Technical Data Sheets

    2. Installation Manuals

    3. Service Manuals

    4. Spareparts Manuals

    5. Catelogue design Inputs