About Us

who we are

SSA TECHKNOWLOGIES, an off-shoot of the flagship company SSA Business Solutions, identified its purpose to transform the paradigm of New Product Introduction in this country by offering various change management solutions focusing on the designers’ community. Among the various offerings, SSA Techknowlogies empowers the Indian Industries to adopt the world class New Product Introduction Process and endeavour to develop the Designers’ competency to offer state-of-the-art new products.

‘Excellence in Business’ in any organization is achieved with the following

Envisioning & Strategizing Solutions - An Organization with a proper mission, vision and a long term business plan is likely to succeed. (SSA Business Solutions strategizes and helps the organizations to envision and come up with a roadmap.)

New Product Development Solutions - SSA Techknowlogies focuses on ‘Excellence in Design’ to get the First Time Right(FTR) new product by developing designer’s competency, improving product introduction process, reducing development lead times, improving product quality and reducing overall costs.

Operational Excellence Solutions - Operational Excellence Solutions cater to Continuous Improvement through problem solving techniques like Lean, Six Sigma and many others.

(SSA-Business Solutions partners for achieving Operational Excellence).

How are we Different?

SSA Techknowlogies helps its clients solve an array of Product Design & Development issues by

  • Improving reliable product designs
  • Improving customer loyalty and design better quality products
  • Enhancing product development processes leading to shorter lead time
  • Improving production processes which leads to high throughput and low cost
  • Improving quality of incoming supplies
  • Enhancing support processes